I am Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

My research covers two main areas: science and technology policy (especially questions of evaluation and impact) and the ethics of science, technology, and engineering.

My publications are collected in various places and in various ways.

I like my ORCID account, since it seems to add publications really quickly and also links to my Scopus Author ID and Researcher ID. Also, my ORCID ID is a unique identifier that allows me to be ‘disambiguated’ from other authors with a similar name (like my brother, who shares the same first two initials and same last name as I).

Of course, those of us in the Humanities tend to look better on Google Scholar than elsewhere.

If you want to get an idea of the sort of impact my research has had on the Web, check out my Impact Story.

I teach philosophy courses (Philosophy of Science, Engineering Ethics, Logic) and courses in NJIT’s Science and Technology Studies Program (Technology and Policy, Sports, Technology, and Society).

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